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About SJEU

Our founder and President, Patriarch Paul on October 29, 2012 promulgated the definition of the “Catholic” faith on which St. James the Elder University is founded:

“An uncompromising commitment to obey the clearly defined wishes of Christ for His Church as practiced by the apostles and their successors generation after generation through the authority of those lines of Apostolic Succession that are indisputably valid and without blemish. This commitment relies upon an educated understanding of Holy Scripture, not merely knowing the contents thereof, plus historically proven Holy Tradition. Holy Tradition is partially defined as what has been consistently believed by well instructed Christians in all places always throughout history.”

St. James the Elder University (SJEU) is a Global distance-learning ministry lifting higher education higher. Our comprehensive curricula offer rigorous and enriching study and training with the love of Christ incorporated within each course. Our central offices are based in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.

SJEU is owned and operated by the Holy Catholic Church International

St. James the Elder University is made up of five colleges:

  • College of Holistic Health
  • Theological Seminary
  • College of Music Education
  • College of Certification Study–Traumatology


The Challenge – Why we Established St. James the Elder University

Mission: “Harvesting, educating, and healing souls through the inexhaustible love of Christ.”

We knew there had to be a way. As far back as 2009 we were outraged by the fact that higher education can bankrupt people who want to serve.

Many want to pursue what they know is their calling but they cannot spend two hundred thousand dollars or more. And they don’t want to owe that much even if they do get a loan.

So we began by seeking Christian world-class scholars who wanted to share their education and experience on a voluntary basis. Then we decided that we did not need buildings. We would use a distance-learning format with ample interaction between student and mentor plus an internship.

When underway, we found that a high percentage of students were second-career people—individuals who had wanted to become a professional but could not because of money. Now they are very happy indeed. All of our graduates have thrived in their professional fields. Students and graduates email us regularly with the best compliments we could ever want.

Nobody’s in debt, and everybody is serving society the way they always dreamed. In short, we have achieved something unheard of until now: an unbeatable master’s to doctoral program that can be completed within two years at only $9,000.