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Certification in Trauma Treatment



Certification and Licensing Course for Treating PTSD and Similar Emotional Trauma
Membership in Traumatology Society of America (TSA)


The most critical deficit in the field of mental health practice is the shortage of qualified psychotherapists to treat victims of emotional/mental trauma. There is a virtual pandemic of child and domestic abuse plus other causes of posttraumatic stress disorder in the United States and abroad such as has never been seen before. The causes include public massacres, military combat, natural disasters, and the rapidly accelerating tragedy of human trafficking, to name a few. Many people develop PTSD from their lives being a “war”.

ABTE is the first and therefore the only certifying agency of international scope attempting to fill this void. The enormous task is being slowly accomplished by credentialing therapists through education and experience; by developing and validating mass screening instruments attempting to identify possible mass murderers; and by advertising certified members on this website with their photos (optional) and contact information. The cost of advertising is covered in the membership fee, purposely kept very low. The American Board of Traumatology Examiners is a registered signature mark, copyrighted, and the intellectual property of St. James University.

Certification and Licensing Course for Treating PTSD and Similar Emotional Trauma

Our Unique Course                                                                                            

Our curriculum in Traumatolgy is packed with essential content and yet is simple to follow. When your tuition is received you will receive a number of assignments consisting of recorded teachings already online for your convenience plus some selected articles as a warm-up for your textbook study. You will also receive a list of textbooks, most of them available at, some at discount. You will study one textbook at a time, and after completion you will be sent an examination. Then you proceed to the next text on the list, etc. There is no final exam.

At the conclusion of your program, you will be certified  and licensed by the American College of Traumatology Examiners and will receive an attractive diploma plus your own license number.

Each of our programs begins with the formation of a vital friendship between student and mentor, a relationship that builds throughout the course of study. Mentors are available for advice of any kind all during enrollment. We pride ourselves in the Christian love and respect with which we treat each and every student. They will tell you so.

Tuition: $3,000 plus 5 textbooks. Materials for Course 1 are furnished.

Course 1: Selected articles and recorded teachings by Heyward Bruce Ewart, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Course 2: Trauma—psychodynamic effects and treatment

Course 3: Child and domestic abuse; PTSD

Course 4: Treatment of PTSD in abused children and traumatized adults, including EMDR

Course 5: Processing grief [brief study]

Course 6: Human-trafficking, considerations in treatment of victims

The above program is designed for a four to six-month completion.

To apply, email or fax a cv or a brief description of your education and experience to  Fax: 904-212-0821


There are three levels of certification: basic, advanced, and diplomate. Each level assures the public that the member is qualified to treat emotional trauma and to discern the possible presence of a TBI. Applications are examined by a board of well-qualified and experienced traumatologists. Their names and qualifications will be posted here as soon as final agreements are reached. The board is headed by Heyward B. Ewart, Ph.D., Psy.D., D.D., a practitioner of over 30 years and an author of two books addressing child/domestic abuse, PTSD, and related subjects plus many articles and recorded teachings.

  • Basic Level (Certificate includes the words “Board-Certified Traumatologist, American Board of Traumatology Examiners): completion of courses in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), child and domestic abuse, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and human trafficking. 250 hours of treatment experience. We offer a preparation course for mental-health counselors (below) that leads to certification and licensing by the Board. The cost is only $3,000. Contact Dr. Ewart at or fax him at 904-212-0821.
  • Advanced Level: Above courses plus 500 hours of treatment experience. (Certificate includes the words “Advanced Level”.)
  • Diplomate Level: Above courses plus 1,000 hours of treatment experience. (Certificate includes the words “Diplomate, American Board of Traumatology Examiners”)


Applicants should hold a graduate-level degree (or equivalent; life-experience given serious consideration) in mental health, social work, medicine (physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners), sociology, ministry, law, law enforcement, or another profession in which these skills would enhance one’s practice.

Courses may be taken at any reputable institution.  Our own course, below, would no doubt be the least expensive. Graduates of our PhD Psychology Program automatically qualify for diplomate status.


Individual membership:

  • One year, $45;
  • two years, $75;
  • three years, $110;
  • lifetime: $200

Group membership:

  • $250/year, up to 10 members in single group (Only one member need be certified but must personally supervise uncertified members.)

Institutional membership, unlimited members:

  • $2500/year (includes full-page advertisement on website). In order to qualify, the institution must be capable of educating and training with the same standards as those of ABTE. Those who complete the institution’s own program, if approved by the board, receive automatic certification by ABTE.