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ACCREDITATION [Also see this important news (click) about our new service.]

St. James the Elder University is proud to have the highest recommendation by the Educational Advancement Commission International (EACI), which is setting the standards of new educational evaluations nationally and internationally. In addition, the University is operated by the Holy Catholic Church International, recognized by the Vatican as a “true particular church”.

In the design and execution of our programs, we believe we have exceeded national standards and made the educational experience convenient and enriching. Our students tell us so. We see an inequality and a type of discrimination that have prevailed throughout the history of higher education in the United States and in fact the entire world. With few exceptions, professional educational opportunities have belonged only to the financially privileged or those willing to go into very deep debt. A major purpose in founding St. James University was to provide a way for professionals, those in full-time ministry, and those embarking on ministerial careers to acquire graduate-level education at very affordable cost.

We knew that it would be possible through online instruction to reach even students residing and ministering in distant parts of the globe. With plentiful interpersonal interaction between students and mentors by teleconference, telephone, and email we have achieved our goal. All of our faculty are accomplished successful professionals in their fields, and all hold at least one doctorate. Every single faculty member is a volunteer. With our forward-looking model, we do not fit the usual criteria in accreditation. However, accrediting bodies are taking a fresh look at distance education that achieves excellent results. We are widely acclaimed as pioneers in graduate education and well accepted by the Body of Christ.

Our student population and alumni are quite diverse. Graduates from our University are flourishing in their careers, and they have graduated from our institution without debt. Graduates of our Psychology program have each qualified as diplomates of the American Board of Traumatology Examiners.

Our graduates are able to sit for the professional licensing exam in counseling in the states of Florida, New York, and California, with other states sure to follow.  St. James the Elder Theological Seminary graduates are approved to become certified chaplains and are fully qualified to treat military veterans with full professional compensation.

St. James University is a Florida Not for Profit organization in good standing.

The University is an ecumenical outreach and affiliate organization of the Holy Catholic Church International. We are intentionally inclusive of anyone who can affirm and claim Christ as Lord, the Bible as authority, and ministry as a calling, all without debating the details.

Consistent with our statement of purpose, the aim of the theology curriculum, for example,  is to embrace the best of classical theological education while seeking to equip students and professionals with ministry skills for the contemporary world. In other words, the emphasis is on applied theology in the modern world. See what our students say about us.