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Christian Holistic Health Degree Program

A New Kind of Doctor Steeped in Ancient Truth


This is a trend-setting program, the education of a new kind of healthcare professional.

Students of the program (MA – PhD) become Christian holistic healthcare providers in physical, mental/emotional, psycho/social and spiritual care. In holistic care it is recognized that body, soul, spirit, emotions, and relationships are all interconnected. Each influences the others, and good health depends on their being both nourished and  in balance.

Christian Holistic Healthcare is Christ-centered and embraces a bio-psycho-social-spiritual understanding of the human person and relationships. It involves caring for and treating the whole person as a spiritual human being, recognizing an organic or functional relationship between each of the above components of personhood.

The patient and the caregiver must realize that true wholeness comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Healing comes in its fullness when the patient and the doctor share their faith.   This program is meant for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences in the healthcare field. Students study the philosophy, science and art of the holistic model of health and healing.

We explore the role of holistic health as an integration of Western conventional (allopathic) and Eastern traditional approaches (those not in conflict with Christian faith) to health; spiritual, and psychological meaning; and our relationship with the environment.

The program focuses on the study of principles and techniques that ensure mastery of content and competence in mind-body-spirit integration, quality of life, and complementary (traditional) health care. The coursework provides the framework for students to develop a personal philosophy based on holistic principles. Opportunities are provided to explore choices within holistic health that affect human connectedness and encourage respect and cooperation with others and the environment.

The curriculum leads to respect for the cross-cultural wisdom of numerous healing traditions and seeks to embrace many cultural perspectives that influence health. Within the program, there is a deep commitment to the development of a new model of integrative healthcare that brings together the best of scientific medicine with the wisdom of the elders—all in keeping with Catholic teaching.

Individuals enter this multidisciplinary program with a baccalaureate degree from a broad range of fields and professions in order to pursue a professional career path or to use their studies for personal growth and enrichment. Upon completion of the program, graduates are prepared to create unique work opportunities based on a holistic model and serve as ethical leaders in this rapidly expanding field.

Graduates develop their distinct voice and perspective as leaders with the capacity to move forward in creative applications in a variety of settings. Increasing career opportunities exist in healthcare, social work, human services, exercise sciences, chemical dependency counseling, private practice, education and business.

The curriculum is organized around holistic core courses. Core coursework helps you make the radical shift from thinking in parts to thinking in wholes — from viewing disease as a process to be “cured” to an understanding of illness as a complex interaction of human beings with their environment.

Students develop valuable skills in self-empowerment/self-care, ethical leadership and organizing for social change. Within the context of a community-based experience of  social activism 9in the best sense) the curriculum goes beyond looking at an individual response to health issues by examining social conditions that contribute to disease.

Students will employ meditation, prayer, relaxation, Christian-centered imagery and creative art exercises as a regular part of the learning process. Other outstanding dimensions of the curriculum include community-based learning, extensive networking and an integrated practicum.

Central Beliefs in Christian Holistic Healthcare:

1) God is love. 

God loves all He has created. Therefore, God’s love (healing power) is present in all creation whether consciously recognized by us or not. God is lovingly present and active in every healing encounter and clinical situation by the presence of the Holy Spirit, God with us. The basis of all authentic healing rests in God’s merciful, unconditional (agape) love. God is creator and nothing happens apart from God’s abiding presence and creativity (See Jn 1:1-5).

2) All persons are children of God, made in God’s image and likeness, loved unconditionally by the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Christian therapist counts on God’s unreserved commitment to restore each person and all relationships to full union with the Trinity regardless of the person’s present state, condition, relationship, or stated belief or unbelief. Healing occurs as persons are able to yield to God’s love and formation. Inner healing is facilitated when the patient and the therapists come to know each other at the level of the soul.

3) Love heals and makes whole by forming persons in the likeness of Jesus, who is the full image of God.

God is working in every situation to form us, Christian therapist and patient/client alike, in the spirit and image of Jesus through the gift of the Holy Spirit. “Providence means that there is a creative and saving possibility implied in every situation, which cannot be destroyed by any event … and that the bond which connects us with God’s fulfilling love can never be disrupted. ”(See Col 1:15-20: through Jesus, God reconciles all things. Rom 8:28: “all things work for good for those who love God …”).

4) Distrust in God’s unconditional love and authority with the resultant disobedience led to original and personal/ancestral original sin, from which suffering and illness entered the world.

Broken trust in love distorted humans’ relationship to God, self, others and the environment with resultant suffering. Their disobedience permanently altered human nature. From that point on, people could give birth only to chidren with the same altered nature.

5) The suffering and death of Jesus resulted from taking upon himself the consequences of human sin through his total trust in His Father’s Love and by Jesus’ own love for His sheep.

His suffering, death and resurrection restored humanity’s connection with God’s favor, with God Himself, and with one another (see Jn 19:27; Eph 2:13-16). Seemingly a scandal, the cross is the ultimate revelation of God’s love. For love of us, He did not spare his own son (Rom 8:32) and thus broke our bondage to sin and offered us forgiveness, healing and human salvation. As believers we are called to unite ourselves by faith to Jesus’ “Yes” to God’s way of reconciliation through suffering.

6) Trusting God’s love in suffering, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, heals and restores communion, spiritually, relationally, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

This process leads us to unite ourselves to the Son in obedience to the Father’s Will and Call upon our lives. Being thus formed in the likeness of Jesus restores the full image and likeness of God in us (Rom 12:2: Be transformed by the renewal of your mind; Jn 13:34: “Love one another as I have loved you”).

7) The Holy Spirit is the prime mover of the healing and therapeutic process and acts with perfect and complete clinical competence because the Holy Spirit is God’s competence with us and therefore grounds clinical competence.

What is true in our professional training, theories and scientific research is given to assist toward this goal of healing. The Christian holistic healthcare provider places psychological and medical theories and interventions at the disposal of the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth needed for the patient/client now (1 Cor 15:28: “everything is to be subjected to Christ … and Christ to God”).
The evidence of healing will be Peace and Joy with God, self, others and one’s body and natural environment (Gal 5:22-23: “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace …”).

9) Healing and restoration occur in steps or stages just as seeds planted grow over time.

Persons and relationships are always becoming and dynamic. With each step or stage the person is moved toward fuller harmony and integration of body-mind-spirit-relationships and the natural environment (Lk 2:52: “Jesus grew in wisdom, age and grace before God and humans”).

Core Subjects:

MACHH 7600: Spiritual Wellness through the Holy Sacraments [Dr. Edmund Osia]

MACHH 7000: Foundations of Christian Holistic Health [Dr. Anacleto B. Millendez, M.D.]

MACHH 7100 Christian Health Counseling Techniques [Most Rev. Heyward B.

Ewart, Ph.D., Psy.D., D.D.]

MACHH 7200: Traditional Medicine  [Dr. Gary Villanueva, M.D.]

MACHH 7300: Public Health Education [Dr. Aurora Cudal]

MACHH 7400: Medical Missions [Dr. Millendez]

MACHH 7500: Client/Caregiver Relationship [Eleanor C. Millendez, R.N.

MACHH 8000: Research Methods and Statistics [Dr. Vilma Ramos]

MACHH 9000: Practicum and Integrative Seminar

MACHH 9100: Research Seminar


Doctoral Requirements

Doctoral dissertation

Six-month internship in the Philippines under Dr. Millendez. Students may choose another facility or location if they wish. Our Center for Holistic and Restorative Medicine (CHARM) in the Philippines is a beautiful resort-like setting where in-patient and out-patient care is provided continuously.


MACHH 7600: Christian Spiritual Wellness  [Dr. Edmund Osias]

MACHH 7700: Core Concepts in Soul /Body Interactions [Dr. Gerardine Sayo]

MACHH 7800: Holistic Stress Management  [Dr Sayo]

MACHH 8100: Preparation for Holy Orders (from Deacon to Priest)

[Archbishop William Cardinal Malloy, Th.D., Ph.D.cand., D.D.]

MACHH 8200: Organizing for Social Change [Dr. Aurora Cudal]

MACHH 8300: Alternative Approaches through Nutrition  [Dr. Ofelia Dirije]


Deacon Anacleto B. Millendez, M.D.,D.D.
Founder, Beautiful Heart Foundation

Dr. Edmund Osia

Most Rev. Dr. Heyward B. Ewart, Ph.D., D.D.

Most Rev. Dr. William Cardinal Malloy, M.Div., Th.D., D.D.

Dr. Vilma Ramos

Dr. Gerardina Sayo

Dr. Aurora Cudal

Dr. Ofelia Dirije


$9,900. Tuition includes airfare to and from Philippines

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