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Friends and supporters, you have asked how you can support our Christ-centered, Bible-based and Ministry-focused theological educational system. Here are a few ways you can help. If you are ready to donate you can click here for a secure payment method.
  1. You can pray for our students, staff and faculty. Pray for wisdom, for discernment, for health, and for energy for us as we seek His leadership.
  1. You can introduce potential students to us whom you think the Lord is leading into fulltime Christian service.
  1. You can ask your church to add a line item in their annual budget for the school for ongoing theological education needs or to give a one-time gift.
  1. You can request your church provide a scholarship for students who attend St. James The Elder Theological Seminary.
  1. You can personally provide a scholarship for a needy student.
  1. You can give the school an outright gift or plan for such a gift in the event of your death.
Thank you for your support and know that we are praying for all of those that continue to uplift and support our Seminary and students.

Donate now to St. James The Elder Theological Seminary.