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New Evaluations Replace Accreditations

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St. James the Elder University has pioneered an evaluation process to serve new trends in the changing forms of higher education, especially the popularity of distance learning.

Costs Slashed

The Educational Advancement Commission International (EACI) greatly simplifies the evaluation of institutions and dramatically slashes costs according to founder and chairman Dr. Heyward B. Ewart. The new paradigm is a hoped-for replacement of accrediting agencies. The existing system requires these agencies to be approved by the U.S. Department of Education, which itself has been found unnecessary and about to be abolished by the U.S. Congress. But while it lasts it controls school systems, colleges, and universities through its accrediting agencies, which charge staggering fees. Therefore, we think this entire structure is a misfit in a free society because its existence means that our educational institutions are government controlled.

Practicality, Common Sense

Ewart says EACI, with a new, streamlined process, makes it possible for young institutions with very small budgets to receive the same service and achieve the high status that only wealthy schools could until now. “Our single fee of $950 covers the entire evaluation process, and no school fails completely.  If a school or university is found deficient we will work with them and help bring them up to par. Instead of the size and number of buildings, we will look at the quality of the curriculum,” Ewart explains.

“Rather than the number of books in the library, we ask if the faculty and students are internet proficient. And we will talk with the students and a few graduates to get their opinions and see how they feel about their school.

In short, practicality and common sense are among our tools. What matters more than the number of Ph.D.s on the faculty is whether the faculty is qualified to teach the subjects assigned,” Dr. Ewart, a doctor of psychology, emphasizes. “We will not make site visits to distance-learning schools because that would be silly,” he asserts.

Uniting the Continents

The commission’s outreach will include European and other institutions outside the United States. Comparisons will become possible between schools here and those abroad. Thus, intercontinental recognition will become possible, and joint educational and research efforts will be enhanced, he explains.

No Government Influence

Present accrediting agencies derive their authority from the U.S. Department of Education, but EACI will be free from all governmental influence. There will not be a separate agency or division for religious schools. They will be measured by the very same standards as secular institutions.

Any Kind of School

Ewart also explains that schools in any field can be evaluated and with very affordable fees. Whether a welding school or a nursing or restaurant school, the same evaluation standards apply. In other words, put very simply, can the institution teach effectively what it advertises?

For information or to enroll your institution, contact Heyward B. Ewart, Ph.D., Psy.D., D.D.    904-613-5017