New Appointments

  • William Cardinal Malloy, M.Div., Th.D., Psy.D. Awarded Psy.D. Friday Oct 28, 2016. He is Vicar General; Chief Adviser to the Patriarch; Dean of Theology; Director of Clergy Formation.
  • Most Reverend Charles Thorpe, B.A., M.A., Th.D. Chancellor; Professor of Theology; Adviser to the Patriarch in Canon Law and Ethics]
  • Most Rev. Andrew Sagayam has been consecrated a bishop by Patriarch Paul, William Cardinal Malloy, and Charles Cardinal Thorpe. Appointed Archbishop of Metropolitan Archdiocese of India.
  • Deacon Anacleto B. Millendez, founder of the Beautiful Heart Foundation, our medical outreach to the Philippines, has been appointed Dean of the College of Christian Holistic Medicine, St. James the Elder University. He also serves as Vice-President for Development.
  • Professor Carlos Viegas, of Portugal, is Dean of our new College of Sacred Music