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Our Mission

The Challenge – Why we Established St. James the Elder University

 “Harvesting, educating, and healing souls through the inexhaustible love of Christ.”

THE DISTINCT CHURCH FOCUSED ON THE NEEDS OF OUR SOCIETY through the inexhaustible love of Christ

The Holy Catholic Church International is raising up professionals and other dedicated workers to address hands-on the most critical needs in society, including but not limited to:

  • Deadly violence in schools, colleges and universities, the workplace, and soft targets
  • Shelters for the homeless
  • Food for the hungry
  • Treatment of victims of human trafficking
  • Psychotherapy for war veterans and others stricken with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • New treatment methods for persons addicted to alcohol, opioids, and other substances
  • Psychotherapy and protective shelters for abused women and children
  • Counseling and shelter for neglected or abused elderly

The last five categories encompass people needing competent psychotherapy for trauma. As the noted psychiatrist and author Judith Herman, M.D., vigorously points out, not all cases of PTSD are the result of war. In very many cases, life itself has been a “war”, as in child and domestic abuse. Very few mental-health professionals have developed the special skills needed to treat these victims effectively.

The need for effective treatment of addictions remains crucial, despite such programs as AA and NA. For example, AA has a recovery rate of about 4.5 percent, while those who receive no treatment recover at a rate of about 30 percent! These facts are not widely known by the public, and therefore ineffective treatment methods persist. Only a therapeutic program filling spiritual emptiness and resolving causation can bring actual, permanent healing. Every man has a spiritual component that must be considered as primary. Importantly, every disorder, including addiction, has a definite cause. The beginnings of the process of addiction can and must be traced and treated.

The Church’s educational center, St. James the Elder University (SJEU) teaches these vital forms of expertise in its doctoral program in psychology.  SJEU has also established the only certification board for professionals wanting to develop their skills in the specialty of trauma treatment: The American College of Traumatology Examiners. This vital subject matter is also included in the university’s curricula in Holistic Health and in Applied Theology.

Every curriculum has as its purpose to prepare professionals for service in areas of vital need. It is not just another online university, but an institution with a well-defined purpose.

Similarly, HCCI, which has established churches around the world, does not build churches for the sake of building churches. HCCI establishes well-formed and operated missions with the purpose of service, and the church or chapel becomes an integral part of the mission, also called an outreach program. For example, we envision a new outreach program with a chapel in Lake City, Florida, the home of our administrative offices. We will serve the homeless and victims of human trafficking by providing shelter, safety, meals, and, importantly, professional psychotherapy aimed at full restoration of personhood.

In the Philippines, free medical care has been provided for years by our Beautiful Heart Foundation, headed by Deacon Anacleto B. Millendez, M.D. This mission is now moving into other parts of Asia and Africa. He and his colleagues remain available for help in the U.S.

Abbot Chris Laine shelters victims of human trafficking in New Mexico with an underground facility. He successfully raised his own funding from several sources for this project of long duration.

The Holy Catholic Church International is a conservative Catholic body formed with the purpose of unifying sacramental churcheswishing to return to the teachings of the Patristic Era. We wish to reach out to other Anglo-Catholic, Anglican, Episcopal, and independent Catholic or Orthodox clergy provided they hold to our beliefs. Our beliefs are not our own but those taught consistently by the Church Fathers.

Our doctrine is nearly 100 percent Roman Catholic, the primary exception being celibacy. With us, celibacy is optional. Some Roman Catholic priests are now in our numbers having been displaced and needing a home where they can return to the altar. At our daily mass, we pray first for the Holy Father, then the Patriarchs, then the Archbishop of Canterbury, then myself, then all the bishops and clergy of the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. We do not ordain women nor practicing homosexuals.

We are very firm believers in the Apostolic Succession. I have attached a copy of my own Petrine lines.

Our clergy candidates must complete our Seminary’s bachelor’s program at the very least, and they are encouraged to proceed on through the master’s and the Ph.D. (or Th.D.)

The Lord has blessed us very, very greatly not only with rapidly growing numbers but with men of great integrity and intellect who live their faith.  Even though we are present in many places of the U.S. and the world, we are not everywhere. Being in communion with bodies of like mind affords us a great benefit by providing bishops accessible to our ever-growing list of priest and bishop candidates. But the main reason we seek friendships, intercommunions, and concordats is that we know that Our Lord grieves our divisions and that in very many cases there is no valid reason not to be unified in faith and in service.