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Our Students Speak

Every one of these comments is unsolicited. Our students contacted us on their own without prompting of any kind. Words in brackets are the editor’s.

“My dear Patriarch Paul, I am so glad I answered God’s call for a school where I could do quality affordable graduate counseling and theology training from home; I know because of your wise guidance I have become a more effective counselor. I will grow more as a man of God as He brings more mentors like Co-Patriarch William Boyd and Cardinal William Malloy to guide me in my calling. You are all being used by the Lord to help me see that all things are possible to those who believe. There is a strong calling to chaplaincy, teaching and missions. My tenor singing voice has greatly improved in its depth, passion and tonality as the Lord has used you to help me move beyond the woundedness of those people in my past who said I should silence the voice the Lord gave me. Song lyrics are pouring out of me like “Still Waters.” and a new one, “God’s Caress in the Wind.” Many lives are being brought further in their inner healing through these songs. Thanks for being one of God’s cheerleaders spurring me on to the full measure of my calling. It is a joy and a blessing to know you!” –Dr. Kevin Osborne

Thank you Father. I think my project will be of help to many suffering from anger caused by PTSD and those who perpetrate the crime of Domestic Violence which is so excessive in our country. I look forward to my grade and again I must commend the Seminary on having given me the opportunity to complete a Ph.D. Program at an extremely reasonable tuition.. I have learned so much during the program that I will be able to use in my therapy. You are a Godly man whom I respect and admire for all your work with those individuals who have suffered from abuse.

I am sure there is a special place for you in the heart of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In the Name of Our Lord,


“I highly appreciated your Tutorship Sir, and like I said- you have changed my life! I wish you were here to see how my youth group is healed from wounds of sexual assault, bereavement, and lost relationships; family feuds, behavior modification, and Life Coaching that I conduct daily. I am sure you would get tears in your eyes when you receive amazing testimonies of healing. Again THANK YOU Patriarch Paul.”  [Dr. Heyward Ewart’s religious name]

I have enjoyed this method of learning, and how I wish I was exposed to it in my early days of theological studies. It is calling me to not only to think, but to reflect and deepen my faith.

Very soon, I will be sending the assignments.

If all seminaries could have such, we would see changes in the lives of many Christians.

I will see both in my life,  knowledge and spiritual transformation at the end of the program.

Your Son,  Rev. Peter”



First, this is so exciting, and again, it feels like I am at home. I am at complete peace knowing that what I will study and learn will not fly in the face of what I know to be right. I truly believe in my heart that God lives and feeds us in and through His one Tue Church.


“Hello Father Ewart,

I just wanted to let you know once again the power and blessing you and the seminary have been in my life.

It has been a while that we have not spoken, but I have been extremely busy working and studying for my Florida licensing examination and my new Non-Profit Organization called “Hope for a Brighter Day”. I will be providing services to HIV/AIDS clients under the Ryan White program, as well as Victims Compensation, Domestic Violence, Human Sex Trafficking and Minor Sex Trafficking, Physical and Sexual abuse and Clinical Christian Counseling. I am so thrilled that the Lord is “BLESSING” me in this manner and that it is only “THE BLESSING OF THE LORD THAT MAKES US RICH AND HE DOES NOT ADD ANY SORROWS WITH IT.” I just wanted to let you know once again the power and blessing you and the seminary have been in my life.

–Matilde Zayas, Ph.D.
Hope Counseling Services, Miami, FL”
“I am currently studying at St. James the Elder Theological Seminary and it is a supportive and welcoming educational environment. I am thriving in my studies, feeling energized and enriched in new knowledge whilst enhancing my present skill base as a trauma counselor. Dr. Heyward is my mentor and educator with expertise I admire and inspire to have one day. I am grateful to my Lord for giving me this wonderful gift!  Thank you.

–Stacey Ferlund”


“Yesterday on 21 July, I was three full years as SJETS student. My life has not been the same since 2012 when you accepted me and I cannot compare this with anything! I am Thankful that My Creator led me your way Sir.

Your Son,

Godwin Booysen”


Thank you ++++Paul;  yes it’s all about Christ, the Spirit and our purpose in life.  Thanks so much for journeying with me on the master’s program.  I believe that I have completed all of the requirements for the master’s program.  Could you send me a certificate, it will assist me with my work with the Calgary Police Service.–Mark


2 thoughts on “Our Students Speak

  1. Just a note to say since graduating from St. James the Elder Seminary, I have been teaching several anger management and domestic violence classes for a few substance abuse treatment centers as well as a private University here in South Florida. Thank you Patriarch Paul for all your support and kind words while I attended and completed my degree. God Bless you for all the good you do. Phil

    • Dear Phil, our good friend,

      We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. It has been a great blessing to have you as a student and very fulfilling to see how well you’re doing.

      May the Lord continue to bless you+++

      Patriarch Paul

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