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Sacred Music Graduate Diploma

The College of Music
of the Holy Catholic Church International

In Communion with the Old Catholic Church of the United Kingdom
(Companions of Jesus –

Graduate Diploma in “Sacred” Jazz 



Dr. Carlos Viegas, Post-Doctorate (GADI-UFP), SciPh.D Certification, Litt.D.(Hons),FNCM (by Thesis), GradDip(INESEM) Offic.Certified ITA Tutor (CPP) LNCM[MEC] TVU ALCM (Mus Lit) RGT Membership (LCM-TVU) TVU Certificate(Mus Lit)

Advocacy Committee Corresponding Member, National Postdoctoral Association (supporting the postdoc community internationally), Washington DC, USA


Pedro Madaleno Performance Diploma (Berklee School of Music in Boston) and
Graduate Studies (New School of Social Research in New York)

Graduate Diploma in “Sacred” Jazz

Program Syllabus:

  • Unit 1 – History of Sacred Music (6 Chapters on Artists and Composers of Sacred Music)
  • Unit 2 – Jazz as Sacred Music (2 Chapters about Duke Ellington and his Sacred Concerts; 2 Training Assignments; Methods of Online Tutoring)


Training Assignment # 1:

Sacred Music Education Test (52 hours)

This includes questions that come from Unit 1 (course/module 1) and Unit 2 (course/module 2) curriculum of the sacred music handbook published by the ALPMC Academy. (This course handbook is Free for students and will be sent by post; the necessary guidance to complete this test will be given by 1 teacher)

Training Assignment # 2: (course/module 3)

Practical Music Test (52 hours)

Listening to Musical Excerpts of Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts and transcribing the tune using Chord Symbols and Melody Lines with associated Musical Terminology from a Duke Ellington’s Sacred Song of the student’s own choice.

Concentrations/Principal Study options: Guitar, Bass or Mandolin. (The necessary guidance to complete this test will be given by 2 teachers)

Training Assignment # 3:

 Academic Essay (400 hours)

 Minimum Length Requirement: 1500 words in a Sacred Jazz Music theme.

 Other Requirements: double spaced and presented in APA formatting style (American Psychological Association) to cite any sources and bibliography.

(The necessary guidance to complete this essay will be given by 2 teachers)

Pre-requisite qualifications: to apply for studying on this Graduate Diploma program, it is required proof of a US General Bachelor’s (called Ordinary Bachelor’s in Europe) or a Full Bachelor Degree, Licentiate qualification or a 3-year Undergraduate Diploma in Music or in another field of study (i.e. minimum 3 years of college/university study). The 3-year Undergraduate Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree must be awarded by an officially recognized (i.e. fully accredited) college/university in USA, Europe, or an equivalent qualification for students from other countries. A CV or resume is also required in all cases.

Academic honesty regarding higher education institutions:

Qualifications from religious institutions MUST be awarded by a Seminary or College that has been accredited by the Education Authorities in the country where the institution is based or incorporated, or by a Pontifical or Catholic University recognized by the Holy See of Rome, or otherwise by an institution that is operated/associated by a church organization recognized as a valid Catholic ‘true particular church’ and part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as well as fully recognized/united with the Bishops of the Holy See of Rome for their vocations and professional compensation. We can’t accept degrees awarded by schools that are operated by church organizations of the Union of Utrecht Old Catholic Churches. And very less a degree or undergraduate diploma awarded by a secular-non-accredited institution, which for us is an offense to the public.

Who should enroll in this graduate diploma? (Recipients)

This is a new music specialisation for seminarians, church musicians, music teachers and instructors, etc.

Tuition: $1,080 (USD) (9-month program)

For Enquiries: please contact the Program Director, Professor Carlos, for information on applying to this program Contact Us.


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