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School of Psychology contest

“Pick Your Favorite Quote”

Some Thoughts for Psychotherapists to Keep in Mind

  • “There is no normal way to react to craziness.”
  • “There is no such thing as a disturbed child who does not come from a disturbed mother, father, family, or all three.”
  • “The chief reason for marriage failure is not knowing what marriage is.”
  • “A great number of distressed patients are being tormented by somebody else.”
  • “So often the wrong patient gets sent to therapy.”
  • “The human mind cannot be understood by humans; the Holy Spirit must be called upon.”
  • “When both outcomes are bad in an “either-or” choice, a the “crazy third door” is often needed.”
  • “What does a child do if a parent says you can go swimming but don’t get wet?”
  • “Abuse is the strongest form of communication. Its message is permanent.”

Pick your favorite quote from the list above and tell us why in two or more paragraphs and get a chance to WIN A SCHOLARSHIP worth $40,000, the full tuition for our M.A.-Ph.D. program in professional psychology from a Christian world view. First runner up wins a full $3,000 scholarship for our Diplomate Certification in Traumatology, American Board of Traumatology Examiners (ABTE).


1. The responses will be judged by doctoral-level faculty on the basis of how compelling and profound each entry is, no matter the reason for choosing a particular quote. For example, an entrant may have a true and strong calling to become a professional psychologist. Or there may be a true-life personal event worthy of deep discussion. The winning entry will be one that is compelling no matter what the subject matter.

2. The entry fee is $40 USD (unless unable) payable by use of our “Donate” button on this site. Email us your entry.

3. The final judging is June 8 with immediate notification to the winner and runner-up by email and then postal mail.