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School Of Psychology

St. James the Elder School of Psychology

“The healing of souls is, and always has been, the task of the Church.” This is the assertion of President Heyward Ewart, Ph.D., Psy.D., D.D. Long before psychology became a profession, distressed people sought out the advice of their pastor as the first resource for help. Congregations have depended on their pastor for relief of psychic pain throughout history. In the modern era, most pastors, family doctors, and even psychiatrists refer their troubled individuals to a psychologist.  That psychologist should be a Christian who holds to Christian values and sees the world in a Christ-like way. Our future psychologists have learned that the Holy Spirit is the only agent capable of understanding a wounded soul. They have also learned that “there is no normal way to react to craziness,” as Dr. Ewart is fond of saying.

There is a very critical need for professional Christian psychologists, and pastors, physicians, and many agencies are wishing for one right now. You can be that professional for whom they are praying. Our course content exceeds that of most institutions at a cost much lower than any. We try to make you much better prepared than the average secular psychologist.

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